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Then you can share with your friends. And you can also make super cool music videos. Stuntie Max:Super Stuntie Max is the action game you have been waiting for! Transform into your favorite super hero including a hero you can play as on the street, a running game, and the fight game. This game will bring you tons of fun! With this game you can move to the store, select your superhero, combine the power of the hero, and save the world!Q: Why does onDraw get called 3 times I have a subclass of View which overrides the onDraw method. When I add the view to a LinearLayout, the onDraw method gets called 3 times. What is the logic behind this? A: When an View is added to a container, it also receives the container's onDraw. You are probably drawing directly into a SurfaceView, which is a subclass of View, hence you'll get the container's onDraw as well. Note: If you override a View's onDraw, it won't be called on your surface. 2002 APRA Silver Scroll Awards The 2002 Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) Silver Scroll Awards were presented on 26 October 2002 at the Village Underground in Sydney, New South Wales. Performers included Savage Garden, Powderfinger, The Drones, Something for Kate, John Butler, Hoodoo Gurus, INXS, John Farnham, Grant McLennon, Sarah Blasko, Willie Watson, Little Red, The Living End, Downsyde, The Superjesus, Little Birdy, Sound Emotion, John Peroni, Louisa Wesselingh, John Williamson, Matt Moran, Norman Jay, Hall & Oates, and Rick Springfield. Winners Multiple awards and nominations See also Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album References External links Silver Scroll website Category:2002 in Australian music Category:2002 music awards Category:APRA Award winnersThe U.S. Army announced on Tuesday that its first female soldiers had joined its ranks, with the first female soldiers graduating from Ranger School in Fort Benning, Georgia. Sgt. First Class Christian Davis, of the Buffalo, New York, will serve as the first-ever female graduate of the Infantry School at Fort Benning. Davis completed the grueling 26-week course



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Sazer X Full Movie In Hindi Part 1 chrcar

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